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Sara Serrano

Spanish Matchbox (Internacional)

Sara Serrano has a degree in stage management and art history. Master’s degree in theatrical practice by RBC/University of Manchester. As an extension to their work in the performing arts, has made inroads in the field of the installation and mounting media and has a long experience in production and cultural management. Among his last projects: Cosh. Playing Around Invisibility, along with Bridget Molina. Project subsidised by EEA Grants-Embassy Norway in agreement with Europe, premiered in E & G Teater, in Lofoten (Norway). International Theatre Festival in Stamsund 2014. And don’t give eating to the dancer, performed together with Pedro Guirao and Gema Galiana, presented in Rendibú 2014 (Murcia, Spain). Also works for the company of theatre of height group bid!, winner of the prize of the public of the Festival of Tàrrega 2005 for which has co-directed his show Do-Do Land. Currently resides in Oslo, Norway, where collaborates regularly with them companies Ossavy & Kolbenstvedt and Jo Stromgren Kompani and travels with regularity to Spain to participate in different projects, the more recent: crude huge, in co-direction with Pedro Guirao. Nacho Vilar productions.

Spanish Matchbox