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María González

María González was born in France and established in Seville in 1990, where she carried out activities as cultural manager, specializing in movement arts and more specifically in contemporary dance. She has been a founding member and instigator of different entities that aim to promote and disseminate the new languages of dance inside and outside the Andalusian community. MES DE DANZA, International Festival of Contemporary Dance that has been held in Seville since 1994; CÁDIZ EN DANZA, Dance Festival in Cádiz; the HUELLAS program, DANCE IN UNUSUAL LANDSCAPES held in several municipalities of Andalusia, the MAQUINARIA dance awareness program, the NOW DANCE dissemination program in collaboration with the University of Seville, the Andalusian Hip-Hop Championship, MI COLE BAILA together with Fernando de Lima with whom she collaborates until 2007, the year in which she created his own TRANS-FORMA Cultural Production structure.

In 2011, she also started a work of accompaniment, production and dissemination of choreographic creation projects and Andalusian dancers and choreographers. In parallel to the projects directly linked to contemporary dance, María González is also interested in the flamenco language in all its aspects and with a special interest in dance. It has this form of expression in all the programs planned in its most contemporary version, participation in the production of flamenco shows and collaboration in the drafting of projects related to this art. She has collaborated with artists such as Enrique Morente, Javier Barón, Israel Galván, Estrella Morente, Arcángel, Tomatito, etc … She has been part of several juries of different competitions and dance events, both international and as qualification and advisory commissions. projects related to the arts of movement.

She has received several awards and recognitions for her work as cultural manager including the honorary prize of the Association of Dance Professionals – PAD in 2013 and in 2018 the Rosa María García Cano Award for cultural management linked to the Performing Arts of Theater Fair Ciudad Rodrigo.