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Anna Gesualdi & Giovanni Trono

Directors of AltoFest (Italy and Malta).

Anna Gesualdi is an independent director, researcher, curator. Giovanni Trono is a researcher and performer. In 2006, they co-founded the Theatre and Dance Company TeatrInGestAzione based in Naples. Anna and Giovanni work at national and international level, having presented work in remarkable contexts such as Institut für Theater Film und Medienwissenschaft – Goethe Universität, La Soffitta, DAMS University of Bologna; CRT Triennale Teatro dell’Arte; Napoli Teatro Festival.

From 2006 to 2014, they led a theatre project at the OPG (Criminal Psychiatric Prison) in Aversa and then Poggioreale Prison, in Naples. In 2011, they founded the National Network of Theatre in Prison. Since 2015, they have been directors of “Arrevuoto”, a pedagogical project focused on youth theatre with the National Theatre of Naples. They are creators and curators of complex projects, such as Altofragile and Altofest – International Contemporary Live Arts Festival, which won the Funder35 prize in 2016. In 2017, EFA assigned to Altofest the EFFE Award, as one of the six most remarkable festivals in Europe. Moreover, Foundation Valletta 2018 commissioned to Gesualdi | Trono a special edition of Altofest, to be held in Malta, for the cultural programme of Valletta 2018  European Capital of Culture.

TeatrInGestAzione, Altofest
TeatrInGestAzione, based in Naples since 2006, is an intersubjective creative body that shapes artistic projects and hybrid works of theatrical, interdisciplinary, pedagogical and social nature. Its founders, Anna Gesualdi and Giovanni Trono, work nationally and internationally, with the aim of freeing the show of its habitual spaces, redefining the concept of the scene as a space of experimental sociality. In 2011 they created and promoted Altofest – International Festival of Contemporary Live Arts. Recently, they have curated and organized a special edition of Altofest in Valletta, capital of Malta, within the activities of the European Capital of Culture 2018.