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Tamara Ascanio

Tamara Ascanio (Tenerife, 1987). She graduated in Dramatic Art by the ESAD of Asturias (2010), Master in Performing Practice and Visual Culture by the UAH and ARTEA (2013, Madrid). She is a researcher and a scenic creator, currently working as a performer in the Societat Doctor Alonso and Javier Cuevas Companies, while developing her musical project with Matheus Andrade (Brazil). Her theatrical research work is characterized by diving into the hidden territory of our daily reality and a fascination for the alienating effect. She is an admirer of slow time, so necessary to optimize our perceptions and explore them further. Silence and real-time sound composition have a fundamental presence in her work.

Dea Woon Kang studied Fine Arts at the School of Fine Arts in Angers, France. His work is characterized by the desire to leave the traditional projection formats, investigating the different relationships that can be established between visual and spatial elements and inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in it. His method is based on the multiplication of focus, such as performance, video-mapping, lighting, installation and set design.


La Voz Transparente (The Sheer Voice) focuses on sensory perception. By relocating the audience from its predominant sense – sight – the artist proposes the sharing of a deeper listening. Tamara defines the use of time at the moment of action, leaving the audience immersed in an experience full of unknowns and, therefore, with space for their own imagination.

Her method is based on choosing a given everyday object and exploring all its sound possibilities in order to then, at specific moments, revealing all its unexpected visual qualities. The actions, in turn, provide a gestural repertoire that manages to escape the choreography. This piece displays all the sensory capacities of the closest elements of the chosen object and so opens a new world of relationships with what surrounds us.

Elena Azzedin. Director of the Residency Program of AADK Spain