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Paloma Hurtado

Paloma Hurtado de la Cruz was born in Málaga in 1987. In 2007, she got the Medium Degree in Contemporary Dance at the Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance in Madrid. Participant in dance competitions in Madrid, Galicia, Andalucía, Castellón, Maspalomas,… getting the honour mention for the best dancer in the last one (2003). Dancer in some projects (theatre, opera and dance performances) in Andalusia (2001-2004) and Madrid(2004-2007). Between 2007-2015, she works in tenerifedanzalab, a laboratory of contemporary dance resident in the Tenerife Opera House, working with international choreographers (Tino Fernández and Juliana Reyes/ L’explose, Anne Lebatarde/ Ex Nihilo, Edmond Russo and Shlomi Twizer/ Affari Esteri, Ido Yoshiko, Daniel Abreu, Lea Martini and Chris Leuenberg/ White Horse,….). Freelance since 2014, creating some solos: Dakini, Tiana, ääniä, Desert Rose, Ephimera, some trios with Lamajara Colective (Labranza, Träd), and collaborating with another collectives in multidisciplinary projects. 2018: dancer in cía.Nómada for the last performance “Dulces Bestias” (touring actually).


Desert Rose. Deprived of liberty, without wings, with feet that sink into the infinite sand of a nameless desert… Me… No one… More endangered than never they believe defending and they get lost… they… No one. And to avoid it borns in me a dream of let go through the heart; a heart between trails and mountains, humble, at ground level. ”Desert Rose” is a scream from the inside, a desire of giving voice to all these people who cross oceans and deserts, looking for a better future.