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Obdulia Bustos

Obdulia Bustos. Spanish Dance Company of José Luis Barranco “Grana y Oro” (Dancer andSoloist) seasons: 2001-2002 at the Casino of San Roque (Cádiz). National Company of Aída Gómez (Dancer), season 2002. Spanish Dance and Flamenco Company of Carmen Mota (Dancer and Soloist) from 2002 to 2016 in the Pyramid of Arona (Tenerife) and abroad. Teacher of Spanish Dance / Flamenco at the School of Dance / Theater of Archidona (Malaga) – (2004/2005). Flamenco Teacher at the Saucalejo Association in El Sauzal (Tenerife) – (2017/2018). Teacher of Dance Therapy for children with Asperger Syndrome in the ASPERCAN Association of Tenerife during the summer of 2017. Flamenco teacher at NOVAE, a space for Dance (Tenerife) from 2017- present. In 2017 started her first works as a solo artist SENSATIONS: played at NOVAE, a space for Dance (Tenerife) on March 23,2018. MUTATIS: played at the Theater Leal de la Laguna (Tenerife) on April 29, 2018 “DID”. ABYSS (Premiere November 3, 2018 at the Victoria Theater, Tenerife).


Abyss is a personal challenge of the dancer Obdulia Bustos who, after 20 years of touring the world of dance, seeks to break with the stereotypes and conventional directives of Spanish dance and flamenco. The performance is impregnated by the artist’s personal experiences, as well as the natural elements air, land and water that she uses as vehicles to give light and colour to her deepest feelings and movements. The project reveals the fact that the barriers, obstacles and impositions of life can condition our journey, sometimes diminishing our ability to create, invent, compose and be ourselves. The author collides with this reality and courageously uses dance as communication to reveal herself to the world and express how important it is to find our true essence. Abyss for Obdulia Bustos is that unattainable depth where there is no end is what makes the soul dance and travel to another reality. According to Obdulia, the abyss lives in each one of us, it is an unfathomable immaterial invitation but above all, it is a beginning from which you can not escape. This “Flamenco Performance” open to all lovers of dance and art in general, aims to convey the conflict that lives in many people who, living subject to rules, patterns and fears, abandon the attempts to find their true identity.