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Darío Barreto & Aleksandar Georgiev

We are Darío Barreto Damas, (SP), and Aleksandar Georgiev (Ace), (MK/BG); two artists with a choreography and performance background. We operate around Stockholm (SE), Skopje (MK), Sofia (BG) and Tenerife (SP). We work around choreographic systems that facilitate artistic diversity and equity. Not to see deviations and disagreements as a problem to be artistically demonstrated or solved but something to be promoted and celebrated. Working on co-existence we want to highlight what constitutes a partnership that doesn't demand the normalization of abilities but run on the logic of versatile possibilities. We are members and creators together with Zhana Pencheva (BG), of STEAM ROOM, (check it here), a non-formal group that works around performing arts, focused on contemporary dance. STEAM ROOM is involved on the cultural work of the city of Sofia, reinforcing by diversifying Bulgarian performing arts scene, establishing new connections and networks mainly with Sweden, Macedonia and Spain; and facilitating conditions to produce and post- produce artistic works. STEAM ROOM is run by GARAGE Collective, (check it here). GARAGE is our current administrative body and production structure.


Moonlight is a choreographic project initiated and developed by Darío Barreto Damas and Aleksandar Georgiev (Ace). MOONLIGHT focuses on poetic spaces, intuitive architectures and morphing bodies; a staged exploration of boundless meanings, a malleable queer reality. Working within it we want to cultivate a stage micro-culture where statuses, labels and understandings grow or ingrown into something(s) else. MOONLIGHT is a moon and it has light and it is a practice. It is a pattern and, surely, does not repeat itself. It is structural, and Post Structuralism for the ones who want it; Aurora and SnowWhite are part of it. A poetic space is a not yet shaped structure. It is going to form and re-form, without achieving any specific appearance. To create poetic spaces is not about reflecting pragmatically on a specific subject but rather to intuitively that supplies different points of view of something(s). To do so, we play with meaning. We work around how meaning, can be transformed and twisted by changes in its characteristics such as context, appearance and the scene where it usually operates. Resuming, a poetic space is a room where dispersion of meaning can exist. A place that boils our perception of reality. We understand poetic spaces as queer thinking, the perpetual work to restructure patriarchal, individualist and capital culture and society.