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Daniel Morales

Daniel Morales. Dancer and choreographer born in Gran Canaria trained in urban and contemporary dances since 2002. Director of the Hip Hop Championship of Canary Islands JUST FUNK (2007/2013) and member of several pedagogical projects such as ACROSS HIP HOP directed by Natalia Medina. Member of TENERIFE DANZA LAB, platform of experimentation, creation and pedagogy in movement arts, having worked with choreographers such as Laura Marrero, Paloma Hurtado, Carmen Macías, Daniel Abreu, Sara Wiktorovicz and Helena Berthelius. He is currently a dancer of CocoonDance Company (Germany) and Cía. Nómada (Tenerife), besides directing his own creations where his work is based on the search for new languages of the movement and obtaining special mentions such as: 2nd prize at the Gdański Festiwal Tańca International Solo Contest, Poland (June 2017). Finalist in the Choreographic Contest of the Tetuán District, Madrid (April 2016). Finalist in the Solo Contest of the International Festival of Contemporary Dance of the Canary Islands 20MASDANZA, Gran Canaria (October 2015). Finalist in the Festival of Scenic Creation in Urban Dances FESTIVAL HOP, Barcelona (November 2015).


Invisible. That which we are able to accept because it’s “the norm”, that which we remain silent so as not to disturb, that which we don’t allow ourselves to feel. Many behaviour patterns that can cause disagreement between the rational, intellectual and emotional parts of oneself. From this arises another aspect to be discussed: all the information we receive from the media, religion, new technologies, politics… Information that we often acquire without filtering and make us assimilate some situations even when it negatively affects us in any way. Situations that disconnect us, that make us invisible. “Invisible” raises the question if the human being of the future will be wiser or more automaton.

Creation and performer: Daniel Morales

Light designer: Alfredo Díez

Music: Nicolas Jaar – Apparat – Beethoven

Duration: 20 minutes

Length of the adaptation for DIF2019: 15 minutes

Synopsis: “A body that collects all the memory in front of a head that marks the rhythm, as if it were another body. Absences that are present. What is not said, what is not swallowed, what is not allowed. Where are the limits?”