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Cristina Hernández

Cristina Hernández Cruz. She has a degree in dramatic art (School of actors of the Canary Islands 2008-2012). Since 2015, she has expanded her training in classical and contemporary dance at Auditorio de Tenerife with TDL and at the Victoria Theater. She works as an actress, performer and/or dancer in different companies: Cía. Roberto García de Mesa (The Age of Cold Conversations with Antigone), The Engagement (MeComprometo), Helena Turbo Teatro (Betancour's thread, crash), Quim Bigas (Molar), kabarearte (Clarabet), Enbe Danza (from migrating, I do not need to listen to you to know). Own pieces: Falling, Do you love me ?, The broken cage allows the bird to fly, A man or a Woman? Collaborations: Cía. Daniel Abreu (Venere), Dramatic solutions (The lieder), Matarile (Before the shrapnel), La fura dels baus (Boris Godunov), Amalia Fernández (Under construction)… Teaching: Community dance, Contemporary theater (Victoria theater), introduction to theater and dance II (Victoria theater), theater – dance (Enbe dance).


A man or a woman. To be or to look like? A man or a woman? It is a scenic proposal of theater and dance, about the duality of the individual through the image and the movement, the stereotype, ambiguity, transformation, balance, the subjective gaze of the observer… Objective: To play with the image of the interpreter and the eye of the beholder, to provoke more than one point of view, to place the observer at different points of view.

Interpreter: Cristina Hernández Cruz

Creation, direction: Cristina Hernández Cruz

Collaborate: Ana Vallés

Music: Carlos Ramos Martín

Lighting: Alfredo Díez Umpiérrrez