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Carmen Fumero & Miguel Ballabriga


Carmen Fumero and Miguel Ballabriga are independent professional dancers that collaborate with several choreographers and dance companies in Spain. They have worked together under well-known Spanish choreographers, such as: Antonio Ruz, Mónica Runde, Iker Arrue, Dimo Kirilov and Tamako Akiyama. They started to develop their own project at a choreographic residency at Centro de Danza Canal (Madrid) in 2013. Since when, their works have been widely presented in Spanish Dance networks and festivals, as well as in some European festivals, like Tanec Praha (Czech Republic), Baila España in Bremen (Germany) and Summer Festival in Siena (Italy). Their piece, " it was almost two o’clock" has received several awards and acknowledgments in numerous competitions in Spain. To this day, they continue researching and developing their own personal language through their projects, while still collaborate with long-established dance companies.


A bit of nobody is a proposal that was born with the motivation to give importance to the fact of not being anyone. It is a meeting point between three anonymous characters, a parenthesis in the path of any of us, where the search for an own identity and the encounter with failure are the protagonists. A bit of nobody tells the story of any of us, talks about trying and not achieve it, of the anonymous and of not being anyone. Because someone was once a nobody who wanted and did it.

Choreography: Carmen Fumero and Miguel Ballabriga

Dancers: Indalecio Seùra, Miguel Ballabriga and Carmen Fumero

Musician: Ivan Cebrián

Duration: 15 minutes