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Centro Coreográfico de La Gomera

Martín Padrón. Director of the Choreographic Center of La Gomera. Formed in the School of the Royal Ballet of Flanders (Ambéres), María de Ávila School (Zaragoza), Raymond Francheti and Gilbert Mayer of the Paris Opera (Paris). Bachelor in Pedagogy of Dance. He develops his international career as a dancer in classic and contemporary companies. He creates his own company in Paris (1993 – 2000). Parallel to his position as director and choreographer, he continues his training and reflection in the field of pedagogy. Trainer of dance teachers on the theme "the sensation before the form" and the basic founding elements of the movement. Professor of pedagogy of dance at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Altea in Alicante (2001-04). He currently holds workshops for dance teachers in Professional Conservatories nationwide (Zaragoza, Madrid, Almeria, Murcia …) and for future dance teachers at the Superior Conservatory of Madrid and Valencia Conservatory. Martín continues to maintain his activity as a creator and interpreter and stimulates a new reflection on psychosomatic and somatopsychic pedagogy.

Gregory Auger.Director of the Resident Company of the Choreographic Center of La Gomera. After receiving a solid formation in Contemporary Dance (Technique Nicolais) and Classical Dance (Raymond Franchetti-Opera de Paris), her professional experience leads her to be part of several companies in Paris throughout her career as: Rubeus Danse Compagnie ( Paris) under the direction of Mic Guillaumes; Ballet Jazz Art under the direction of Raza Hammadi and Martín Padrón Danse Compagnie under the direction of where he plays soloist roles in choreographies by Matt Matox, Robert North and Raza Hammadi, Jean Luc Leguay, Antonio Gómez and Martín Padrón. In collaboration with Martín Padrón they have made a total of 12 international productions and Gregory as an independent choreographer today has a repertoire of 7 creations. Since 2001 he is part of the teaching team of the Choreographic Center of La Gomera and directs the Resident Company of the CCG.


Should they may be. The impulse of this piece: The complexity of the Human Being. Your need to express, tell, transmit, the noise of your busy and restless mind difficult to tame. The strength of the Human Being and his weakness. Your vital need to move, to feel, to realize a path. The fall into the abyss of thoughts, the lack of faith, the paralyzing fear and the need to free themselves from their traumas. Finally for the brave one, trust in the moment, compassion and surrender. Invoke. Contemplate.

Contemporary dance piece

Medium format

Cast: 2 dancers

Photos: La

Premiere 29 Mayo 2017 – Auditorio Insular de San Sebastián de La Gomera